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日系Java Life超強瞬吸乾髪帽(坐月合用) | Japan Java Life Quick Magic Hair Dry Hat


Good news for moms-to-be with long hair!

This extra soft coal fleece microfiber hat is super water-absorbent. It can soak water up to 7 times its weight that drastically reduce your blow-drying times in half! It is a great assistant in bath and facial without any slipping and dripping. Using Java Life magic hair dry hat can protect your hair from hair frizzy and substantial heat damage from blow dryers when hair is wet.

1. Super water absorbent and fast dry
No more heat damage on hair from blow dryers
3. small in size that convenience for outing and trips

➤No linting and deform
➤Extra soft & comfortable coral fleece microfiber materials
➤Buttons and a loop at the back that stops it from unraveling
➤One size for all with 2 buttons that fit adults and kids

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Materials: Coral Fleece Microfiber
Size: 64 x 27cm
Thickness: Moderate

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Weight 50 g