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currexsole Workpro 護脊鞋墊 | Protective Insole

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WORKPRO features advanced Germany ergonomics and foot arch supporting technology that can help reduce the intense strain and fatigue of your legs, feet and back when you gaining weight during the pregnancy. It is perfectly suited for moms-to-be who has flat feet, Bow legs, X-shape legs or long-time standing work.

currexSole is a renowned brand from Germany to cater the needs of professional athletes to avoid sports injury on legs & feet from intensive training. The sole can help relieve back pain, less foot and calf fatigue so as to improve the performance in training and competition. The state-of-art ergonomic technology now can give more comfort to moms-to-be during the pregnancy and retain their sporty lifestyle with every steps being safety and supportive!

The semi-customized insole has 3 different foot profile (3 colors) and 5 size. You could easily determine your foot type by doing a simple foot print test at home. Please see the details as below.

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Do you foot test by 3 simple test now!

1st Step:Measure your arch


  1. Remove your shoes and socks. Wet the sole of your right foot. Walk with your right foot onto a piece of newspaper to leave a print.
  2. Repeat the process with your left foot. Match your foot print with the chart to find out your foot type.
    High arch – Only the heel and ball of foot are visable.
    Medium arch – The foot is evently balanced.
    Low arch – The inner arch is sunken, the imprint in the middle is wider compared to a medium arched foot.
    Flat arch – The inner arch is almost flat, so that you can see the total foot imprint.


2nd Step: Check your leg type


  1. Stand tall and try to put your ankles together.
  2. Make sure you don’t hyperextend your knees – keep them just slightly bent.
  3. Choose your leg shape:(You could use a mirror to help you)
    Bow-legs– So called “O-shape leg”. At least two fingers fit between the knees when ankles are together.
    Straight legs – The knees almost touch when the ankles are together.
    Knock-knees – So called “X-shape leg”. At least two fingers fit between the ankles when knees are together


3rd Step: Combine Results

  1. Use the chart to combine your result and find out which currexsole type that suit for you.
    A1, A2, B1, B2: Use the HIGH PROFILE – meaning the blue – currexSole. Works best for your needs in a neutral shoe.
    A3, B3, C1, C2, D1: The MED PROFILE – meaning the orange – currexSole works perfect for your foot and ankle complex. Work best with a slight medial posting shoe.
    C3, D2, D3: The LOW PROFILE – this is the red – protects your foot and ankle joint from soft tissue overuse. Work best with a medial support shoe to maximize the outcome.
  2. Check your insole size according to the size chart.


Chart of Foot Profile and Size:

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 2 cm
Foot Profile

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