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  • 日系Java Life超強瞬吸乾髪帽(坐月合用) | Japan Java Life Quick Magic Hair Dry Hat

    Good news for moms-to-be with long hair!

    This extra soft coal fleece microfiber hat is super water-absorbent. It can soak water up to 7 times its weight that drastically reduce your blow-drying times in half! It is a great assistant in bath and facial without any slipping and dripping. Using Java Life magic hair dry hat can protect your hair from hair frizzy and substantial heat damage from blow dryers when hair is wet.

    1. Super water absorbent and fast dry
    No more heat damage on hair from blow dryers
    3. small in size that convenience for outing and trips

    ➤No linting and deform
    ➤Extra soft & comfortable coral fleece microfiber materials
    ➤Buttons and a loop at the back that stops it from unraveling
    ➤One size for all with 2 buttons that fit adults and kids

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    breastfeeding soap, pregnancy soap, family soap

    日本Pelican無添加家庭沐浴皂 – 100g | Japan Pelican additive-free Family Bath Soap – 100g

    Perfectly suited for pregnant and breastfeeding moms – many of the moms-to-be may be sensitive to flavors during pregnancy stage as  strong flavor may induce vomit. For breastfeeding moms, attention should be paid to the chemicals from shower gel that may be harmful for babies during the lactation!

    This Pelican additive-free soap is 100% made by natural plant oil, mild and non-irritating. No fragrance and chemicals. It gives you a safe and comfort shower everyday!

    • No preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors.
    • Natural moisturizing soap bar for all family members.
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    (中文) 0歲視覺音樂書(黑白遊戲/五彩遊戲) | Music Book for 0 Baby (Black & White/Colorful Games)

    (中文) 8首音樂+溫馨燈光+視覺刺激,給0歲寶寶豐富的感官發展!

    作者: 風車編輯群

    ***付款後8天內由台灣直送(約4至5天到達),請注意: 運送過程需要檢測,外盒有機會破損***

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  • 可愛卡通水果造型圍嘴360度防水口水巾嬰兒立體圍兜(3條)【8月7日截,8月尾到貨】包郵

    (中文) 6款造型超可愛,3個月大或以上BB可用(頭仔可自行抬起,不會晃來晃去),餵奶、餵糊仔都用得,360度全方位防水圍兜。

    頸圍: 28cm (9cm直徑)
    闊: 10cm


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    (中文) 馬騮仔點讀筆套裝-8GB (需獨立結帳) | Easy Readbook Bundle

    (中文) 五歲前是孩子語言發展的重要階段,爸媽如何把握孩子學習說話的機會呢?

    馬騮仔點讀筆套裝 – 送給bb的最好禮物!

    • 提升學習趣味
    • 加強眼手互動能力、認知能力
    • 訓練幼兒自主學習及語言能力
    • 可自選語言點讀 廣東話、英文及普通話發音
    • 有各種不同聲效、音樂、遊戲俾BB發現。 1 歲孩子就可以玩啦。


    香港兩位專業的英文老師Ms Chu和Eric Sir推介。香港家長推薦使用的幼兒學習玩具教材。


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  • Baby soap

    日本Pelican無添加嬰幼兒香皂 – 100g | Japan Pelican additive-free Baby Bath Soap – 100g

    • Natural moisturizing baby soap specially for baby, infants and pregnant moms.
    • No preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors (Therefore there is no fragrance).
    • 100% natural, mild and non-irritating.
    • Same type of soap with three different packaging. Random distribution.
    • Free 1 pc of foaming net.
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    currexsole ergonomic insole

    currexsole Workpro 護脊鞋墊 | Protective Insole

    WORKPRO features advanced Germany ergonomics and foot arch supporting technology that can help reduce the intense strain and fatigue of your legs, feet and back when you gaining weight during the pregnancy. It is perfectly suited for moms-to-be who has flat feet, Bow legs, X-shape legs or long-time standing work.

    currexSole is a renowned brand from Germany to cater the needs of professional athletes to avoid sports injury on legs & feet from intensive training. The sole can help relieve back pain, less foot and calf fatigue so as to improve the performance in training and competition. The state-of-art ergonomic technology now can give more comfort to moms-to-be during the pregnancy and retain their sporty lifestyle with every steps being safety and supportive!

    The semi-customized insole has 3 different foot profile (3 colors) and 5 size. You could easily determine your foot type by doing a simple foot print test at home. Please see the details as below.

    $580.0 $520.0